Inpatient drug rehab programs – A closer look

Rehabilitation services can involve a large number of treatments to help people that have suffered from some type of trauma. These treatments can take months and even years — even though they are being performed using the latest technology and techniques. Some of the various types of injuries treated by rehabilitation services may surprise you.

Speech And Vision Therapy
This type of therapy may overlap with others, but this type specifically concentrates on vision or speech. Most types of treatment will try and reverse damage that has been done, but with this type of treatment the therapist works with the patient to help them adapt to their condition. It’s important that patients are able to utilize the remaining vision they have to the maximum extent. This is combined with honing techniques that make the other senses such as touch, smell and sound fill the void created by low vision allowing the patient to live a life as normal as possible.

Strokes will often times leave a patient unable to speak clearly. Speech therapists work with such patients to teach them to speak again clearly and distinctly. They can also work with patients that have difficulty with swallowing or eating. This can include working with them to maintain a certain diet, practicing particular sounds or even maintaining a level of hydration.

Aquatic Rehabilitation
Those patients that have endurance, strength or flexibility joint problems are greatly helped by aquatic rehabilitation services. This is because water has the ability to reduce the weight and shock on the human body. An aquatic therapist will match the injury as well as the lifestyle of the patient in an effort to have them return to a normal lifestyle as quickly as possible by working out a custom program. The results of this type of treatment have been so successful many veterinarians working with spinal injuries in horses and other large animals have adopted it.To get learn more about the chronic relapse help.

Specific Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists are needed whenever a patient experiences the loss of a basic skill needed to perform in daily activities. Common with brain injuries or stroke patients, this treatment often focuses on upper body issues including mental skills. These skills can be basic in nature such as moving the head, neck or jaw. It also may include more advanced skills such as cooking, reading and math calculation. Recovery time, length of treatments and the methods to be used will all vary according the type of injury, the individual and how they respond to the treatment. In addition to the physical therapy aspect, sometimes the services or treatment of a psychologist will be needed to complete or compliment the rehabilitation.

Physical Rehab
This is the most common type of therapy that comes to mind when people think of rehabilitation services. They work with any kind of bone or muscle injury that impairs the movement of your shoulder, neck, back, arms or legs. The impairment may be caused by an injury, illness or surgery. This can include people that suffer from stroke, arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome or similar conditions. Some type of physical therapy is usually required after surgery to ensure the patient maintains the degree of motion that existed prior to the surgery.