Animating 2d characters in maya – Exposed

Be sure you know whether your potential employer wants to see rotoscoped or motion-captured animation. Some Character Animation jobs will be very interested in mo-cap produced animation, while others will be completely turned off. Special Effects. Because of its high profile and glitter factor, this is a very seductive realm of 3D. Everyone wants to see his or her name at the end of a movie. Remember that all special effects does not mean blowing stuff up, though.If you’re looking for more tips, websites has it for you.

Employers are interested in seeing intelligent movement, camera work, model construction, and texture creation. If this is your goal, be sure to have a firm grasp on fog, smokes, pyrotechnics, and compositing techniques. Be prepared with examples of compositing prowess. Show complete digital scenes and hybrid scenes. Have interesting explosions, but have down-to-earth subtler effects as well. After all, not every special effects house does space explosions all the time.

Pre-Visualization: Most every tool, toy, or object we see manufactured today has been touched in some way by a computer. Increasingly high-tech or high-fashion objects are being created digitally before they are ever realized tactilely. From theatres to architectural firms to engineering facilities to package design houses, the power and flexibility of computer-visualized design is taking hold.

The ability to switch a color on a box, or try a different wallpaper in seconds rather than hours, is making the investment in time and resources worthwhile. If you are interested in this sort of 3D, make sure you have superb model and texture work. Visualize both designs of your own and objects around you digitally. Produce cutaway illustrations, ad mockups, and, above all, make whatever it is that you are visualizing attractive to look at.

Even if the firm is designing wrenches, someone is going to buy those wrenches, and people buy what they are attracted to. Architecture pre-visualization is a strong area of 3D. For some odd reason, clients like to see a design before they sink millions of dollars into it. For this reason, architect firms are very interested in packaging a design in an attractive manner that not only showcases a good design, but also sells the product. If you are interested in architectural pre-vis, make sure you have a good understanding of architectural detail. Know that rooms have floorboards, and know what a dado-rail is. The ability to speak the same language as your employer is half the battle!